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Avcom Staging’s suite of services are available for a range of events; including conferences, themed events, gala events, awards presentations, fashion shows, product launches, boardroom meetings and more. For your copy of our services,please click here to download our brochure.

Technical Event Services

Featuring a comprehensive array of medium to high end sound, vision, lighting and stage equipment from internationally recognised brands, and a professional and attentive technical team, Avcom Staging is readily able to create seamless and stunning experiences for your delegates.


With an array of projectors, screens and monitors from leading brands, Avcom Staging can produce stunning images of any scale. When size matters, our Panoramic Projection using Image-blend technology allows for the creation and manipulation of massive panoramic wide-screen images. For information on our High Definition vision technology, please visit our New Products.


With audio systems to suit any event size and scope, whether an outdoor festival setting or an Annual General Meeting, Avcom Staging have a range of sound technologies to suit any need. Avcom Staging can also provide portable Inductive Loop and Infrared Hearing Systems to put people with hearing disabilities in touch with what’s happening around them.


Avcom Staging’s selection of lighting systems are powerful, vivid and versatile. We offer moving lights, washes, spotlights, LED, GOBOs and a host of lighting effects to set the mood or exhilarate with explosions of colour. Our lights are able to be used in a variety of settings, whether indoor, outdoor or even underwater for mesmerising shimmer effects. For more information on some of our latest lighting additions, please see our New Products.


Avcom Staging offers a range of stages and parquet dance floors for corporate events, fashion shows, exhibitions, product launches, special events and more. Available in single and multiple deck configurations, all staging decks interconnect securely to form safe and level platforms and are customisable for any configuration or size.

Creative Event Services

Themed Services

For an unforgettable experience, Avcom Staging can transform entire rooms and outdoor areas into anything the imagination can fathom. These are just some of themes we can achieve:

007 James Bond, 60’ & 70’s, Alice in Wonderland, Australiana, Beach, Carnivale, Circus, Cotton Club, Glow, Hollywood, Jungle, Pirate, Magical Forest, Marine, Medieval, Mexican, Moulin Rouge, New York, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Roman, Sports, Space, Survivor, War, Wild West.

Table Decor

We understand that the finer details make up the bigger picture, which is why we carefully consider each decor item in line with the tone of the event or chosen theme, from overlays and tealight holders to centerpieces and under table glow battens.

Room Decor

Avcom Staging’s range of room decor options can enliven your event or create full themed experiences. With items such as backdrops, movie props, statues, Hollywood signs, red carpets, curtains, bamboo food huts, totem poles, stone archways, glowing LED columns and more, the possibilities are endless.

Set Design

Whether our clients are after a simple, stylish or extravagant stage set, our team has a range of creative options to choose from or can construct your own vision.

Production Services

On top of our core technical and creative event services, Avcom Staging provides a host of production services to our clients:

  • Speaker support slide and video presentation design
  • Video production and editing
  • Real-time video conferencing
  • 2D and 3D floorplans and visualisations
  • National database of venue floorplans
  • IT support and networking for events

Specialist Services

Inductive Loop and Infrared Hearing

The compact and portable Inductive Loop and Infrared Hearing System puts people with hearing disabilities in touch with what is happening around them by transmitting spoken words directly to their hearing aid or to an inductive loop and/or infrared receiver.

Australia-wide Events

In addition to being the preferred supplier at a number of resorts and venues in Queensland, Avcom Staging has been offering its services nationally to any venue of our clients choosing for over 20 years.